Some of my best maps:


Strobe, Release: 19. February 2010, Style: Tech
A Good Time, Release: 30. September 2009, Style: Tech, Status: Classic
Lose Yourself!, Release: 01. February 2010, Style: Speedtech
[MTC] Ruins, Release: 10. June 2010, Style: Fullspeed
Heligoland, Release: 12. May 2010, Style: Tech
Tribute to Shibuz, Release: 01. November 2009, Style: Tech, Status: Classic, World Record: by Karjen
Lava Lava!, Release: 31. March 2010, Style: Tech Account


Omen, Release: 17. April 2010, Style: Tech, Status: My most awarded track ever!
*neMur, Release: 12. July 2010, Style: Tech
Melody!, Release: 29. June 2010, Style: Tech
Solaris, Release: 27. January 2011, Style: Fullspeed Account